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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy effing new year

I'm just glad this one's over, frankly. I suppose it's possible that next year could be worse, but that would be some especially fucked up shit[1].

I have some resolutions that I guess I'm going to share with whichever poor sod amongst you accidentally visits my blog. Of course, I'm no different from you bastards, so I'll stop implementing them in about a week and a half, stop feeling guilty about not implementing them towards the end of January, and forget all about them by the second week of February.

1: I'm going to use my powers for good.
2: I'm going to take pictures of more people and things. Some of them may not suck.
3: I'm going to travel more. Just because business is slow doesn't mean I can't spend money like a drunk sailor[2].
4: I'm going to stop suffering fools. You know who you are.
5: I'm going to watch more awesome 80s video clips.
6: I'm going to master playing the infected.
7: I'm going to make visiting the library a habit.
8: I'm going to hone my mockery skills.
9: I'm going to write a Fallout 3 mod.
10: I'm going to embrace my inner dadaist.
11: Purple infinity houseboat haphazard.

There you have it. My resultions for 2k9. How about you?


[1]: Yo.
[2]: Actually, it does.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coal can do that?

I somehow ended up on a clean coal propagandist site where I found a somewhat misleading datasheet. So I figured I'd fix it. The original can be found here. Click to embiggen.

Friday, December 26, 2008

More amazing covers

Tori does the Police

Tori does Nirvana

Nirvana does Bowie

Bowie does the Pixies

As a kite

The oft parodied Shat in his most oft (oftest?) parodied performance. It's worse than anything you could imagine.

Can you imagine spending three decades trying to outlive that? For the record, if you're going to cover Rocket Man, this is how to do it:

Ukuleles for the win!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looks like they got Pete

Tragic. But he should have been more careful. I tried to warn him.

Pretty quick reflexes, though

I post this without further comment

Friday, December 12, 2008

On the internet, nobody can tell you you're an idiot

The internets are a beautiful things. They allows people to discuss the most obscure interests with people anywhere in the world without embarrassment or discomfort. The downside of this is that the internets allow people to discuss their delusions with like minded individuals anywhere in the world, and that it's insanely easy to filter out any voices of sanity that could possibly break people's bubble. Or dent it. Or point at it and laugh.

Gang Stalking World, for example, is dedicated to supporting people who are constantly followed around in public by random people, for no apparent reason.

Gang Stalking is experienced by Targeted Individuals as psychological attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying a target over time. The covert methods used often leave no evidence to incriminate the Civilian Spies.[1]

Go on. Google it. You know you want to. It should also be pointed out that, in my imagination at least, has an ongoing rivalry with gangstalkersworld. You see, was founded by the ex-lover of the founder of because she caught him cheating with the founder of[2]. He accuses her of stealing trade secrets and they're embroiled in ongoing litigation. It's all very sordid. In my imagination. In my defense, at least I know that I'm making shit up. These poor sods don't.

[1]: Note to the world: You can't capitalize words just because you like them. Stop it.[3]

[2]: doesn't exist. I know that this is a crushing blow to you, but you'll just have to deal with it.

[3]: Unless you're A.A. Milne, in which case I think it's a Very Good Idea.

Bet you didn't know

Bet you didn't know that your (somewhat cool but utterly useless) Xbox 360 avatar has a url. That's mine over there. He looks just like me, right down to the bags under the eyes. He used to look cooler, but that just made me feel bad. Full URL down beneath the pic.[your gamertag]/avatar-body.png

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Evolving Mona Lisa

Roger Alsing's project, this. I just animated it. This is the result of a genetic program that evolves 50 semi transparent polygons into the Mona Lisa. Mind you, this is a tiny sample of nearly a million mutations, not all of which are beneficial.

I ended up having to put this in a frame on another server because blogger apparently doesn't like Javascript. What's that all about?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jonathan is my hero

The world's oldest turtle is 176, but

Despite his old age, locals say he still has the energy to regularly mate with the three younger females.

You da man, Jonathan!