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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stop dying!

First Gygax, now Clarke. In his defense, he was 90, and ninety-year-olds to have a tendency to die on occasion. Sad still.


  1. And that was the last of the Great Three.
    Though it's true his new work hasn't been relevant for decades he leaves an immense legacy.
    RIP Mr Clarke.

  2. Well, we'll just have to come up with a new big three. I nominate Gibson.

  3. Peter F Hamilton
    Neil Stephenson
    Greg Bear

  4. Or, alternatively:

    Stephen Baxter
    Orson Scott Card
    Michal Marshall Smith

  5. Gibson, Silverberg and Niven would make a nice set too :-P

    Who said good SF was dead?

  6. I do like Smith, but I don't think he's quite prolific enough to qualify as one of the greats, especially since he's moved on to less geek pastures. I'd also like to boycott Card. Even though he's a gifted writer, He's also an insufferable prick. Then again, Clarke was a noted pedophile. . .

    Gibson, Stephenson, and Niven?

  7. As a writer I greatly prefer Hamilton to Gibson, not least as I think that he has quite a few good books left in him, and Gibson's newest offerings were sub-par as far as I'm concerned.

    Hamilton, Stephenson, Niven for me, though I could certainly live with Bear, Stephenson, Niven.

  8. Well, Larry would be the first one to put his name forward I'm sure :-)
    But his SF work isn't top-tier. He is good in concepts and in scriptwriting, but in novels... not so much compared to those named in this thread.